Smart Ways That Enable Entrepreneurs to Reduce the Cost of Mobile App Development

Despite emerging as a significant tool for marketers to connect with their customers, many entrepreneurs are deterred by the effort, time, and expense of developing mobile apps. Some smart ways to develop mobile apps economically:

Freezing the Requirements

It is very important that what the app should be capable of doing is decided before commencing the app development. Otherwise, the development process will become longer and you will end up spending more money trying to accommodate changes midway. What will represent value to users should obviously be led by keenly observing what users require and are not getting from competing apps. It is critical that the specifications are documented explicitly and the entire development cycle is phased out so that everyone connected with the app, especially the development team, knows what the priorities are and exactly what has to be done. Ensuring detailed documentation also means that the development stays on track.

Save Money on the App Development Not on the Developers

It is very common for entrepreneurs to try and hire the cheapest possible app development agency in a bid to save on costs. However, by doing that you end up either hiring an agency that does not have the competence or will try and cut corners after bagging the project simply because their bid is commercially not viable. It is very important to hire an agency that has the requisite experience, especially in your industry sector; as otherwise more time will be spent on learning than on the actual development. Going ahead with an agency that’s doing it for the first time could very well leave you stranded if the agency walks out when it realizes that they don’t have the competence. Also, without the necessary skill-set, the agency could very well waste time trying to experiment and as a result, your budget will increase and you will lose valuable opportunities.

Look For a Competent Offshore Developer

You can save significantly by outsourcing your app development project to an agency that is offshore, especially if they are located in an Asian country like India that has extremely advanced development skills without the big overheads and man-hour costs common to the US and most of Europe. By the simple expedient of hiring an experienced mobile app development company Mumbai, you could end up being able to bring to the market your app at less than a tenth of the expense that you would have to incur in the US.


You can save handsomely by splitting the app development into smaller stages that are easier to manage. This will also reduce your risk as you can see the response that each modification gets from users and react accordingly to improve and add more features. Your entire development project is not put in jeopardy due to restructuring and mid-term corrections. Also, by sticking to only the core functionality in the first version, you can see how well the concept is being received by users, and add the rest of the features in a phased manner thereby, keeping your product relevant and fresh.

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