More Endorsements for The Culver City Education Foundation's "ALL FOR 1" Campaign

The Culver City Education Foundation launched a $1 million fundraising campaign on Friday, August 26. The "ALL FOR 1" Campaign runs through September 30, , which means you only have  couple more days to give. (although you can give to the foundation any time of year). To contribute, CLICK HERE.

The Culver City Education Foundation is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing quality educational programs for every student in the Culver City Unified School District. To accomplish our mission, the Foundation reaches out to the community to secure funds and resources. Founded in 1981, the Culver City Education Foundation has donated millions to Culver City schools.

Earlier, I published a couple of letters to the editor endorsing the Culver City Education Foundation, including one from Nancy Goldberg, a CCUSD School Board member and retired teacher, and one from Barbara Brown, former principal of Farragut Elementary School and current Culver City Education Foundation Trustee. 

Today I have more endorsements, including this one from Culver City School Board Member (and "proud mom") Laura Chardiet:

CCUSD has been awarded and recognized in many ways over the years, even while facing year after year of crippling cuts to public education. Our schools have been able to maintain excellence in academics, the arts, athletics, etc. for a multitude of reasons. But the critical reason our students have soared is because they belong to a community that cares…a community that refuses to allow its children and youth to miss the opportunities that a good education provides. The Culver City Education Foundation is a wonderful example of how our community— parents, teachers, businesses and the community at large— works together to provide programs, equipment and opportunities for our kids.

Please join with me in supporting the Culver City Education Foundation’s  “All for 1” 2012 campaign. Our children flourish and bloom because of the enrichment CCEF makes possible. Programs like AVID, SuccessMaker or k-3 music that would otherwise be cut. Microscopes, books, computers and Growing Great gardens that engage our kids in school. A rising tide lifts all boats. Contribute to CCEF and the “All for 1” campaign, and be part of that tide. To donate go to

This one from Jon Pearson, the Principal of Culver CIty Middle School who writes about the importance of the CCEF to his school:

The Culver City Education Foundation (CCEF) has provided invaluable support for Culver City Middle School (CCMS)!!  Over the past few years, they have awarded our teachers with grants for computers, technology upgrades, and musical instruments, in addition to program support for English Learners, Empowering Youth in Language Arts Through Acting, and professional development conferences!

CCEF has also provided school support through the “All for 1” campaign, which has allotted funding to continue established programming, like the college readiness program, AVID, and SuccessMaker instructional software that provides middle school learners with adaptive, personalized paths for mastering math and language arts concepts.

CCEF is an amazing partner to all students that attend CCUSD schools!  Especially with the state budget cuts that public schools are encountering, it is vital that our community rallies to support public education!  We are so very lucky to have CCEF in our corner!!

Here's one from Dylan Farris, the Principal of Culver City High School.

As the Principal of Culver City High School (CCHS), I see first-hand the impact the Culver City Education Foundation (CCEF) has on the education of Culver City students. CCEF supports all schools in the Culver City Unified School District, and our school relies on their support every year.

In the past year alone, CCEF has awarded CCHS teachers grants for new computers, LCD projectors, laptops, and document cameras. Field trips and art competition fees were funded. Teachers purchased software, audio / visual equipment, microscopes and cameras.

Funding from last year’s CCEF All For 1 fundraiser supported teacher training for our AVID program, which provides mentoring to students who will be the first generation in their families to pursue college. It supported our Link Crew program, a freshman support initiative in which upperclassmen facilitate the transition to high school for incoming 9th graders. All For 1 provided our school with funding for much needed printers, Apple  and iPads for classrooms. All For 1 funds also helped us cover expenses related to Odyssey, our online content provide and to buy musical instruments.

CCEF also helps us secure outside funding sources, like an $8,000 grant for our athlete-academic support program. The Culver City Education Foundation plays a vital role in maintaining programs and helping to develop new initiatives at CCHS. We value their partnership.

I hope you will join me in supporting CCUSD, Culver City High School, and all of our students and teachers by contributing to the CCEF All for 1 campaign. Our community directly benefits from the funds that are raised. It is with your support and the support of CCEF that Culver City will continue providing the excellent instruction and programming that has come to exemplify our school. Please do not hesitate to contact me to further discuss the generous support provided by our partner, the Culver City Education Foundation.

And finally, this one, from former Culver City School Board member (from 2001-2009) Jessica Beagles-Roos

The Culver City Education Foundation (CCEF) has been positively impacting CCUSD students and schools for over 3 decades. CCEF provides materials and programs that would otherwise be out of reach for our students. As the parent of two Culver City High graduates, a former school board member and a CCEF trustee, I’ve seen the happiness on teachers’ faces upon when they receive CCEF funds that give them an opportunity to try new programs or technology with their students. I’ve seen the delight on students’ faces when engaged in arts programs,  looking through microscopes, and learning to read with materials provided by CCEF.

I’ve also seen the tremendous benefits of technology for learning in classrooms. It was not a surprise to me when technology ranked as a high priority in the survey CCEF conducted last spring. As a result of the All For 1 funds raised last year, each school in our District has been able to upgrade its technology. Due to the survey results, technology will receive a significant portion of the funds raised this year, too.

CCEF provides a better educational environment for all CCUSD students at every one of our schools.  That is a major reason why people like me continue to contribute to CCEF long after our own kids have graduated. Please join all of the community members who are supporting one district and donate to CCEF's All For 1 campaign. It's so easy to donate now that CCEF has established an online system, just visit


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Comment by Scupine on September 25, 2012 at 1:16pm

Thanks Dan. I've updated the headline and text to reflect this!

Comment by Dan O'Brien on September 25, 2012 at 1:05pm

Thanks for the mention of All for 1 & the summation of so many words of support.  However, I'd like to point out that while CCEF would love to tally everyone's donations sooner rather than later, there actually is NO last chance to donate.  Yes, our push for donations is in September, but our campaign does in fact run year-round.  We will accept donations of any amount, all at once, or by setting up a monthly payment plan.

The point that CCEF and our supporters have been trying to make is that IF you donate to a cause, CCEF is one where the impact is felt locally, and by a large number of worthy recipients (roughly 6500 CCUSD students and their teachers and administrators).

So, please give at

Dan O'Brien

Vice President

Culver City Education Foundation

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