The June 3rd election is quickly approaching.  I have noticed the blue and white YES ON MEASURE CC signs on lawns around town.  However, I didn't see any signs in opposition.  I thought it odd.  Shortly, I received on my doorstep on two different days information about a NO VOTE ON MEASURE CC.  One sheet was paid for by HOMEOWNERS & VETERANS at risk of losing their homes.  The other was a multi-page handout with two web links but otherwise was anonymous.  

This bond issue is an important one, it asks for a lot of money.  Here are some reasons for a NO VOTE ON MEASURE CC based on the information I received on my doorstep.


Estimated repair costs are hyper-inflated

There is no guarantee where this money will be spent

Half of this bond money will be spent by board Members not yet elected.

There is no "guarantee" on how much this bond will cost.

New homeowners pay 2-3x more.  It's not fair.

The Board can spend this Bond money without competitive bidding.

NO meaningful oversight.

We'll be paying for this bond for

A windfall for contractors and bond consultants not students.

These points by themselves may not seem like much but put them all together and connect the dots.  In this still slow to bounce back economy, shouldn't taxpayers have questions asked and answered before any vote is cast?  What if you only know that the bond issue money is going to repair the schools.  Is that enough information to cast a thoughtful vote?  Perhaps the bond measure should be rewritten and all points addressed and the dots connected. Does a NO VOTE mean you don't care about the schools?  Of course not.  A  NO VOTE means we need more information before we agree to spend this much money for as long as we are homeowners in Culver City. What's the rush? Maybe we should think this through a little more.  Just sayin'.

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Comment by Culver City Times on June 4, 2014 at 5:02pm

Thanks for starting an important discussion!

Comment by Jen Arrow on May 30, 2014 at 11:54pm

Improving the schools is the single best thing we can do for the entire city. Better schools attract investment and business and residents with funding for all our small businesses. Vote yes, not just for the kids, but for all of us!

Comment by Dan O'Brien on May 30, 2014 at 4:07pm


With all due respect, this process has been far from rushed.  It has been discussed in the public light for over 18 months... there is an entire section of the CCUSD website which documents the process.  On the website, it also answers many of your questions.  With all this in mind, if someone's question has not been answered, it is ONLY because a lack of not ACTUALLY asking someone of authority who knows.

Several of the points that you copied from the flyer which was distributed are either misrepresentations of the truth, impossible demands or outright lies.  This flyer also claimed that Laura Chardiet is a school board member AND a city council member.  Obviously, written by someone who has no grasp on facts.

Please, vote YES on Measure CC.

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