The Rubber Stamp::: without properly studying the data, Culver City Planning Commission approves the 7-Eleven project at 4436 Sepulveda Boulevard

Surprisingly, the Planning Commission has approved the Swerdlow 7-Eleven project at 4436 Sepulveda Boulevard. In spite of efforts by local residents over a period of years to raise the consciousness of government and committee members who decide these things, it now feels very possible that we will have our sixth 7-Eleven within city boundaries and a third one located on Sepulveda for those who enjoy stopping their cars at short intervals to refill their soda cups.

Imagine that. Three on one street from Jefferson Boulevard to Venice Boulevard. Even though the property has stood vacant for more than a decade, must we be out of our skulls to think it's possible that our community really needs three 7-Eleven shops in such a short space?!

Blight. Bad. Graffiti. Bad. Trash. Bad. Congestion. Bad. Eyesore. Bad.

We all agree that the undeveloped property is overdue for a new commercial inhabitant. That abandoned gas station needs to go bye-bye. Come walk around the area and see for yourself if you think a 7-Eleven fits with what already exists. If you don't come hang out for at least 25 minutes a day over a period of days in this area, then what gives you the right to decide what happens there?

No joke. The Planning Commission approved a project for an area that they do not fully understand. They have not viewed the traffic study video. They have not viewed the resident-created traffic videos. Four of the committee members admitted to having never seen the intersection to watch traffic. Again, I ask, what gives these people the right to decide what happens at 4436 Sepulveda Boulevard? This is a bad movie script that I do not want to see produced.

I am personally calling out each and every member of the Planning Commission, the City Council, and every person who serves the City in an official capacity to spend some time at Braddock and Sepulveda. Tweet at me when you're there. Go get something eat, walk around a bit on up to Culver Boulevard, get a feel for the place. Understand the patterns. I hope Aaron Swerdlow will join us, too. He might get some other ideas for what to develop on the property.

We are overdue for some food truck fun. I'll start calling a few and we'll have an event to help everyone remember that this is our City and 7-Eleven is not welcome.

-------------->Stay Tuned for the #CountdownToAppeal ###June 8###<--------------------

If you're interested in working with a small cadre of concerned residents who are officially filing an appeal to the Planning Commission's decision, please contact me via email: because the more the merrier and we have only 15 days! Whose city? OUR city! #Occupy #4436cc


Bryan Sanders


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Comment by Evlynne Braithwaite Householder on May 29, 2012 at 8:01pm

I have a question about the location of the other five 7/11s in CC.  I am aware of the two on Washington East and west of Sepulveda, where are the others?

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