Culver City Nightlife: 5 Places worth visit!

Night in Culver City is something you all should know, try, and love with all of your heart! It’s eclectic and all-encompassing nightlife options are uncountable. Bourbon or beer, jazz or clubbing, karaoke or lounge City of Culver has it all for you! Hipsters know what is trending, believe me, they won’t hang out in a bad place. Here is a list of five places I personally and my friends from AI career service recommend everyone to chill out on a Friday (or Saturday, Sunday, every day?) evening.

1.     Backstage Bar & Grill

Be careful, happy people inside! Definitely, the best dive bar in the world. Located across the street from Sony studios, it's always been a favorite hangout for studio folks and locals. Backstage has everything that should be on the checklist of any dive bar: cheap booze, great atmosphere and people, and karaoke. No wonder it has its own army of regulars.

If you need more proves, here’s a comment of one of the visitors: “Backstage Bar is exactly how I like my bars: dark, slightly dive, with good drinks and awesome bartenders.”

2.     Seventy7 Lounge

Roaring 20’s vibes came for you! This neoclassic cocktail bar ushers memories of a bygone cocktail era. Seventy7 Lounge makes you drawn with gold crushed velvet walls and comfy leather banquets, and amber chandelier lighting. You’ll find 5 types of Absinthe in their menu list: Lucid, St. George, La Clandestine, Mata Hari, Mansinthe, La Fee, Jade Nouvelle Orleans. No surprise the green fairly may appear!

3.     The Cinema Bar

If you’re looking for an old-school dive bar with a small stage and inflaming rocking bands The Cinema is for you! It’s relaxing, really mellow with an awesome vintage ambiance place. Bartenders are great and know how to pour. They have local bands feature on a regular basis almost every night. In case you want to escape the bar and have a “private talk”, there’s a hidden patio in the back. There is a big fish tank, wooden seating, a wall covered in ravines, a BBQ, and apparently some parking behind that. The Cinema is truly a Los Angeles treasure.

4.     Bigfoot Lodge West

The decor looks as if the Country Bear Jamboree built it. Brown color rules the party from the log cabin exterior to the extensive selection of scotch, bourbon, and rye. It’s the place where you can chill surrounded by lots of animal heads. The bar is known for its impressive whiskey menu, and have a mean, mean Manhattan. Drinks are poured with the right amount of strength based on whatever life event is ailing you. In addition, you’ll receive a great talk with the bartender. The live music and atmosphere are full of fun and very hipster-ish. Wanna a beer, mules, and whiskeys on the rock for 5$? Bigfoot Lodge West’s daily Happy runs from 5 pm to 9 pm and would definitely make you a return visitor.

5.     Oldfield's Liquor Room 

Oldfield's Liquor Room named after racing legend Berna Eli “Barney” Oldfield - a famous speed racer of the 1900s. It’s a perfect place for classic cocktail lovers. The atmosphere, music, and decor effectively capture the late 1950s, early '60s vibe. Their 20 unique house-made specialties won’t allow you to stay indifferent. Only listen to this namings: Hemingway, Toreador, Amoxycillin, French Lieutenant, and all these served by dapper-looking bartenders in vests and ties!

Is your mouth already watered? There’s more for you! Oldfield's Liquor Room use fruits, vegetables, and herbs straight from the Culver City Farmer’s Market. This totally takes them to another gear and a rotating list of seasonal concoctions is awesome. If you’re looking for happy hours, be there from 5 pm to 9 pm on weekdays!

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