Reasons Why Instagram Is Not As Secure As You Thought

Instagram, is the unbeatable technological sensation of this century. Launched on October 6 2010, Instagram surely is a new social breakthrough connecting millions of people globally. Instagram like many other social networks is based on having friends and followers, following and being followed.

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Let’s talk about Instagram first

So, what is Instagram? Although Instagram has been around for a little while, i am perfectly sure even you have been touched by this application in some way or the other. The magic of this application lies on its simplicity. Rather than having focused on a bunch of various tweets it kept its concentration on its major feature ie, sharing and viewing photos of other people. A factor that contributes to the insta-fuss is the presence of the instagram's well known filter mode. This filter makes any ordinary photo unique and worth a second look.  Above all it provides its users with the ability to socially interact with the world. Filters provide a lot of flexibility to your photos and hence makes it fun to use. Now, above all an instagram user can share his/her snapshots with their friends, family and above all the world, and he/she can even get to know how to view private instagram profiles these days.

This application, instagram, is supported on all leading softwares. Being a mobile photo sharing, video sharing and social networking application, providing its users with the ability to showcase their photography skills, creativity and yes, you social skills. Yet, in all its glory, it will not be wrong for me to say that this application, is not absolutely secure. My accusation, not being baseless, is rather justified.

A large chunk of people have flocked away from facebook to Instagram, but do not be fooled by this instagram too, if not understood well, can get risky and messy.

  • Some individuals, being rather oblivious or imagine themselves to be invincible to tracking, stocking or other online harassments set their profile pictures as their own faces. Along with that put their original names. The drawback to this is that any individual can google up your name and get valuable information about you like you address, age, institution, current locations etc.
  • There are various settings on instagram that allow you to determine who sees you or follows you. With this new member in the family, sending request is the only way to follow someone. If you have not toggled it as yet do it asap, it might just save you from unwanted, creepy visitors.
  • In spite of all the promises made by instagram to protect you privacy ans indeed, living upto those promises. Yet there have been instances of people complaining their accounts being hacked. There are various softwares claiming to provide its users to be anonymous and yet shatter the firewall of instagram. This although is not full proof, yet it is always better to be safe today than sorry tomorrow.

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