The residents of Commonwealth Avenue in the Clarkdale section of Culver City have reason for joyousness.  The Ficus Trees were trimmed on Thursday! 

 A little back story. 

 Upon moving in to our home in 1998,  it was obvious the trees on the block were too big, I made my first phone call to Public Works after we had settled in. I spoke to a very nice man who explained there was an order to which the trees were trimmed neighborhood by neighborhood and unfortunately Clarkdale  was not on the top of the list.  Sigh!  

Months later, a miracle men were with heavy equipwment were on the block trimming the trees.  Glory Halleljuah.  I called to thank the nice man I had spoken to at Public Works and he explained that some funds came inand they hired more workers therefore the neighborhood  list moved quicker. 

Years later the trees are huge again and the side walks were lifting due to the tree roots.  A new neighbor who moved in on the block decided to call  Public Works about the trees. He told me we weren't due for a couple of years.  Which was what I had been told since I had called after the trimmed trees grew out to find out when Commonwealth was scheduled.  Instead of trees being trimmed sidewalks were repaired.  Okay I'll take that, we neded the streets repaired.. 

The trees are larger still almost touching in the center of the street.  The street is dark, gloomy and the black birds oh the blackbirds en masse in the trees!!  I can't take it!!

 I call City Hall and ask to speak to The Arborist.  Another nice man who explains that he is aware of the issue of the trees on Commonwealth as other residents have called, however there is a shortfall of funds due to budget cuts. Okay, I get it. I'll leave it alone.


Then the letter from the City Arborist arrives months later, it informs us that CC has over a thousand Ficus Trees and 123 of them are sick with a particular disease and trimming them would not be a good idea.  We must wait until they are healthy and please water your tree.

I scream at no one..."Our trees are very healthy!  Trim the healthy ones!".  The issue had grown to such a porportion that who knew when the trees would be healthy and if there would be enough money in the budget?  It was over.  I don't like it, the other residents don't like it; but que sera sera.  Like "No soup for you" on Seinfeld; there would be "no tree trimming for us".


On Wednesday, NO PARKING SIGNS went up on both sides of the streets. What's going on?  Then I saw 

Tree Trimming Thursday 2/16.  I was smiling.

Thursday morning the men arrived with the heavy equipment, blowers, rakes, noise ah a beautiful noise of  a saw. I drank my coffee while they worked.  I acutally had planned on taking a dance class but couldn't get out of the driveway and didn't want them to stop so I could move my car.  It was okay with me, keep trimming.   By Thursday afternoon it was finished.  I phoned The Arborist to thank him, a message was taken. 

Commonwealth Avenue has light, we have a breeze, we have trimmed ficus trees.  If you see someone dancing in the street it is me.  My love affair with Culver City continues, eat your heart out LA!

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