Very exciting stuff.  First off I love going to City Hall.  I always get a rush.


After seeing all  4 presentatons offered at tonight's meeting .  I think the question is:   Do you want to be in or  do you want to be out.?


If you want to be in you can go with the Tolkin Group's Culver X.  Which the materials to be used is in keeping with what is already on the buildings currently downtown, which I like however you go "into" this property. 


 Or you have Cardiff Realty's Garden Roof which is an" in and an out "hence the rooftop.  The property seems narrow and closed in.However, I like the way it connects with the plaza of the hotel.  Nice flow.

 Moving on  to the Runyon group's spanish mission style which pays homage to City Hall and Merlata Plaza's architecture but I think that  Parcel B is a little east for the true appreciation of the similarity of the architecture. It's called El Paseo it's old world and you have to go" into" it.


  Ehrlich's display was the Grand Staircase which is impressive and open, multi-storied as not to obstruct the views of the hotel, the studio  and downtown CC in general.  This was my favorite display, it also connects the hotel plaza to the property.  I want to be out. and this is "out"   My vote goes to The Grand Staircase.


Your thoughts?

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Comment by Evlynne Braithwaite Householder on October 24, 2011 at 10:30pm


I didn't overhear many conversations but one woman loved El Paseo with it's Old World Charm and intimacy and did hear a little chatter about the Roof top Garden.

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