Have You Switched to Cloth Bags?

As you have no doubt read, Los Angeles just made history by becoming the largest city in the world to ban plastic bags in supermarket checkout lines. And to hear Culver City Councilman Andrew Weissman, Culver City is not far behind. Are you like me, in that you've been incorporating cloth bags into your routine with varying degrees of success (sometimes hard to remember to bring those suckers into the store from the trunk of my car...)? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the ban...

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Comment by Darlene Adams on May 27, 2012 at 3:40pm

Initially I thought it would be a major hassle, but now I find myself

annoyed if I forget my cloth bags-Also, some stores will take 5 cents off

your grocery bill per bag-It's a good thing!

Comment by Evlynne Braithwaite Householder on May 26, 2012 at 1:18pm

Back in 1991 my husband and I purchased a condo in the Mar Vista area.  Shortly after moving, the local supermarket Pavilons/Vons started to sell canvas bags.  I purchased eight, four for each of our two vehicles.

Whole Foods opened in WLA and I received so many bags for free depending upon how much I spent opening week.. Trader Joes offered them for sale and I purchased a few more, realizing I did such big shopping I was constantly getting bags from one car to take to the other for the shopping trip. 

In 1998 we moved to Culver City and all the bags came with us.  The bags continued to be used.

Cut to 2012 the canvas bags are still being used but some have bit the dust.  I have no idea how many bags I have , not all canvas, some are the 99cent  ones you can buy a check out.

Now that you have my history, here is my point.  I don't like the plastic bags from the supermarket, they multiply when you are not looking.  I don't own a dog to use them for pooper pick up.  We have a cat and we do use them for pooper scooping the litter box but that's only 2-3 a week.  If I were not use my "take to the store bags" I would have too many of the other type.  Yes, I can take them back to the store to recycle, but considering grocery shopping has turned into a project with the coupons and going to store to store ( I digress) it's too much.  I don't care if they are banded or not.  I don't care to use them  and I wash my canvas bags regularly.  For me it is not the issue it has turned into, it's a habit. 

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