LA Times Calls James Hayward's show at Roberts & Tilton Gallery in Culver City "Ravishing"

The Los Angeles Times' Christopher Knight turned his attention this week to the new show by James Hayward at Culver City's Roberts & Tilton gallery, saying:

The paintings continue the artist's established practice of slathering thick, wide brushstrokes of single-color oil paint, usually homemade, onto flat panels covered with canvas...The brush strokes are all on an organic diagonal. Each is deliberate and pressed hard, so that ridges build up along the sides and peaks are often left at the ends, like cake frosting....Sometimes the angle of the stroke is steep and sometimes shallow, and no specific pattern in their placement emerges.

He sums up the experience by saying it's "like looking at a field of grass rippled by the wind yet without a shred of illusionistic reference to nature anywhere in the painting itself."

Knight goes on to highlight an installation in the rear of the gallery, where "Hayward has painted the room's surrounding walls a flat, bright red, and he has installed four small paintings of different red hues. They range from a red lightened with considerable amounts of yellow to a red deepened in the direction of burgundy."

"Chromatic saturation in varying hues delivers nothing short of contemplative bliss," concludes Knight.

The show continues at Roberts & Tilton gallery at 5801 Washington Blvd. through October 31.

You can read the whole review HERE.

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