Tony Tasset's Rainbow  -- nine stories tall and spanning 188 feet -- is currently being installed on the Sony Pictures lot. The piece was created from welded steel, clad with aluminum panels, and finished with resin-based paint in, well, every color of the rainbow. The installation process is expected to take about 8 weeks.

How do we feel about it, now that it's going in? It is bit more difficult to see than I hoped.... The best view is on Culver Blvd., looking north.

According to the artist's description of his sculpture, it is intended to speak to "the sense of optimism and well-being associated with rainbows in general and more specifically with the rainbow in popular culture as imagined in the iconic Wizard of Oz film, created in the very movie studio that will become home to the Rainbow sculpture.”

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Comment by Crystal Covington on September 28, 2012 at 1:59pm

It is WAY too hard to see for being public art.  I thought it would be a big picture spot/tourist boost or that at least you'd be able to see most of it from the street.  "Sony is building "Rainbow" to fulfill Culver City's Art in Public Places requirement, which mandates that one percent of the budget for certain development projects goes toward public art." Well, it doesn't do that because it's not 'public' art really, it's art for the lot.  Maybe once all its colors are showing it will be more "wow," I certainly love the idea.

Comment by Dan O'Brien on September 28, 2012 at 9:58am

I'm all for public art, but this is a waste in my opinion.  Like you said, it's barely visible from any of our streets, and how much did it cost?  According to CurbedLA the project's budget is $1,536,516.  There are so many other more practical uses of that money which could also support the arts; I was skeptical when I first read about this a year ago, and now I am just scratching my head.  

Sony is a wonderful supporter of arts education in CCUSD... I wish there was some way that the money spent on this mostly hidden rainbow could have instead been used to expand Sony's reach into our schools.  $1.5 million could permanently endow a few teaching positions in theater or music or film.  Or if it must be public art, there could at least be something that is more accessible to well, the public.  Sony, thanks for all you do, but this one?  Eh.

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