Culver City Helps Keep Ballona Creek Clean and Healthy

When I rode my bike down Ballona Creek this weekend, I noticed some nice new signs in the uplands section of the Ballona Wetlands (known as Area C.) Very nice, since the signs brings attention to the fact that this area is already a thing to be valued, not just an empty lot to be filled. In the picture below, you can even see an egret (I do believe) that seems to agree....

This experience reminded me that I recently received an email from the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission letting me know that Culver City has been actively working to be good stewards of Ballona Creek – as well as the land and sea that it neighbors and feeds.

Said the email:

The City of Culver City has completed a multi-faceted approach to help enhance water quality in Ballona Creek, local beaches, and coastal waters by implementing several projects, including

Storm Drain Screens
The city installed more than 1,000 automatic retractable and connector pipe trash screens in storm drain catch basins. These screens help prevent trash, leaves, and other debris from flowing into the storm drain system. The automatic, retractable screens are installed at the street level to prevent large debris from entering the catch basin. A connector pipe screen is installed inside the catch basin to prevent debris as small as 5mm from entering the storm drain system. In dry weather, the automatic retractable screens are closed, and in wet weather they open to prevent flooding.

Trash and Recycling Bins
Ninety-five new “split line design” receptacles that accept both trash and recyclable materials were placed on major boulevards and in high-use areas throughout the City.

Rain Gardens
Several rain gardens have been installed throughout the city. A rain garden is a landscaped area designed to infiltrate runoff or treat it before being discharged to the storm drain system, thereby preventing potential pollutants from entering the storm drain system and Ballona Creek.

Funding for these projects was provided with Proposition 50 funds, which were awarded by the State Water Resources Control Board, as recommended by the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission (SMBRC).

Said Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells about these measures: “The City of Culver City appreciates the leadership of our project partners, which helped provide the much needed funding to implement these important projects. Together, we are cleaning, beautifying and improving Ballona Creek for years to come. The City is committed to pursuing projects that promote a clean and healthy environment, and protect our Ballona Creek watershed.”

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