New Development Proposed for Culver City Expo Station Parking Lot

Currently, there is a nice big parking lot next to the Culver City Expo Station -- a parking lot that by 8:30 am every weekday is full of the cars of happy commuters. And it remains full each day as people use it park-and-ride to the Staples Center, the Galen Center and other hot downtown locations.

But there's a new proposal on the table from Lowe Enterprises to turn that handy parking lot into "500,000 square feet of high-quality, state-of-the-art office, with apartments, a hotel, stores and restaurants within a landmark, destination-oriented environment." Oh.

The proposal includes underground parking with about half of the current parking spaces. Oh.

This proposal stems from the events of January of 2012, when the Culver City Council unanimously approved a commitment letter with developer Lowe Enterprises to develop the land directly adjacent to Culver City's Expo Line Station at Washington and National.

Lowe Enterprises paid $23.8 million for the parcel and agreed to develop the land under guidelines set forth by the city that the property “include a mix of housing, office, retail and restaurant use surrounding a large central open space amenity and connect seamlessly with the new station and the emerging Washington National Transit Oriented Development District with public plazas, outdoor dining and a strong retail edge to encourage pedestrian activity.”

According to Lowe's submission, the 5.2 acre property would be one-third open space and would hold more than 1,500 parking spaces. Yet here we have a proposal with only 300 spaces. 

The decision to develop this property was made quickly in January of 2012 in the face of state's elimination of redevelopment agencies -- to avoid the liquidation of the property through the state oversight body. On January 25th, the city issued a request for proposals to eight developers to make an offer for the land and to confirm their intent to develop the project under the city's guidelines. The decision to go with Lowe Enterprises was made just five days later.

So here's what they've proposed. "Through its welcoming open space, unique both in size and location, Ivy Station will be a dynamic, vibrant, active area that provides connections to transit, the community, tenants and visitors alike," says Lowe Enterprise's website. "Concerts, movie nights, wine & cheese festivals, fitness classes, holiday craft fairs and seasonal activities are just some of the acitivities planned for the park."

I see where they're going with this, but I have to ask: where's the parking?

And what's up with the skyline in these images?

Here's the site map:

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Comment by Scupine on August 3, 2015 at 2:59pm

I want to mention that they will have approximately 1500 parking spaces as they originally proposed but only 300 will be designated for Metro parking. The rest will be for the restaurants, retail and residents of the development. Thanks!

-- Elizabeth Artly, shared by email

Comment by Scupine on August 3, 2015 at 2:59pm

Got it. Do we really need more housing and shopping in our area? With playa vista in the mix ( I know it's in LA) can we as a city maintain a great quality of life for those of us who reside in the city? I wish our city planners would take some lead from Pasadena about city planning. They have been able to expand while at the same time maintaining the charm and character of Pasadena, hopefully our city planners will also curb the McMansionization of Cc.

-- John Maisterra, shared through Facebook

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