December 2011 Blog Posts (29)

Veterans Memorial Building to Be Named Culver City's 13th Historic Site

The Culver City Historical Society will designate the Veterans Memorial Building as Historic Site #13, at 10 a.m. on Saturday, December 10, 2011. The building, located at 4117 Overland Avenue, at the corner of Culver Boulevard and Overland Avenue, is one of the most often-used structures in the city, has had a vibrant history.

On Saturday, a bronze plaque will…


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Barbecue Heaven is in Culver City

J.R.’s Barbeque was not started by a television chef. The restaurant has no corporate backing, celebrity owners, or designer pedigree. They don’t serve food made into foam or frozen in liquid nitrogen. The décor isn’t toney, the location isn’t trendy, and the clientele isn't hip.

None of which matters, of course, because their barbecue is so good.



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A Closer Look at the Selected Design for Parcel B in Culver City

Now that we know that Combined Properties will be the developer of Parcel B in downtown Culver City, let's take a closer look at their proposal. Here's how they describe what they plan to do on the site. All the words are Combined Properties'.

"When one thinks of Culver City, these things come to mind: historic studio lots, a vibrant restaurant scene and…


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Why Did Councilman Andrew Weissman Select Combined Properties for Parcel B?

This afternoon, Councilman Andrew Weissman shared with me his comments from last night about his selection of Combined Properties as developer for Parcel B in downtown Culver City:

"Thank you to the four developers for participating in this exciting process. 

"Thank you to those in the community who took the time to participate in the…


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AT&T Makes Major Network Improvements in 2011

AT&T customers in Culver City are getting better coverage than ever before.  With so much broadband traffic on the smart phone highway, AT&T has added thousands of more lanes to its mobile super-highway. 

More than 1,700 network improvements were completed in Los Angeles, many in the last few months, including improving a site near Culver City's famous Outdoor Grill.  An…


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Councilman Scott Malsin Explains: Why Combined Properties for Parcel B

This morning, Culver City Councilman Scott Malsin sent me an email giving insight into the council's (and his own) decision-making process for the selection of Combined Properties to develop Parcel B in downtown Culver City. 

     "While each of the four submissions was strong, the Council unanimously chose the Combined…


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Combined Properties Will Develop Parcel B in Downtown Culver City

Tonight, the Culver City City Council announced the selection of Combined Properties to oversee the design and aesthetic of the 1-acre plot in the heart of downtown Culver City known as Parcel B. Ehrlich Architects of Culver City will be engaged as the architectural firm responsible for the design and aesthetic of the project.

This was my favorite…


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Signon San Diego Declares the Food Renaissance of Downtown Culver City

In an article for Signon San Diego, Beverly Levitt outlines how downtown Culver City became a destination for foodies throughout Southern California.

Challenged by [a Sony-led] renaissance, the city’s redevelopment agency decided that…


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Where Am I in Culver City? Game 017


Every other friday, I'll post a picture of something in Culver City that is 'hiding in plain sight.'

This time, the question is: Do you know where in Culver CIty this funky face is? One hint: It's not graffiti. It's on an official banner for an entity in Culver City. If you know, enter your response in the comments! I'll reveal the answer in two…


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